How Credits Transfer

You can receive credit for work you've done at other colleges if the courses are equivalent to those offered by NJIT and you received at least a C (2.0 on a 4.0 grade scale) for your final grade. Transfer credit isn't factored into the calculation of the NJIT semester or your cumulative GPA.

To get transfer credit, you must request that an official transcript be sent to NJIT. To find out more about transferring credit from a New Jersey county college, check out New Jersey Transfer.

To request other transfer credit after you start at NJIT, submit the Request for Transfer Credit form with the required documentation to the registrar's office.

Credits from Institutions Outside the United States

If you have attended foreign institutions of higher education you must also submit an evaluation of your work from World Education Services Inc. or another approved evaluation service. NJIT's academic departments review all foreign credits. You'll have the chance to talk about how foreign credits transfer at new student orientation.

Credits That Must Be Taken at NJIT

To graduate from NJIT, you must earn at least 33 credits in upper-division courses approved by your academic department.

Credit for Nontraditional Learning

You may be able to earn course credit for college-level knowledge acquired through nontraditional education such as independent study or job-related experience.

To find out if you're eligible, you'll need to take a DANTES or CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Subject Examination or pass a special departmental examination if you're requesting credit for advanced courses. You can also take an assessment through the Weekend University. To find out more, contact Continuing Professional Education.