Recent Grad Has a Degree in Math and a Great Job in London

Wilfried Baah graduated with a degree in math and a great job.

Wilfried Baah is moving to London. He has a great job awaiting him there. He’ll work as a technical account manager for SPS Commerce, an international supply chain solutions company.

Baah majored in math with a concentration in finance and actuarial science. He’ll use his facility with numbers and his problem-solving skills to help SPS clients, such as Nike, monitor and improve their massive retail inventory and distribution systems. It’s a tough job. But his rigorous NJIT education, he said, prepared him well for it.  

He graduated in 2013 and first worked as a supplier chain business analyst for SPS in Parsippany, N.J. He excelled in that job and was recently promoted to work in the company’s new office in London. Baah credits the Career Development Services (CDS) office at NJIT with helping him get his job. When he was a senior, recruiters from SPS came to the career center for on-campus recruiting. He signed up to interview with them and was later offered the job.

Baah’s background impressed the recruiters. He had a high GPA, regularly placed on the dean’s list and was a member of the NJIT Actuarial Society and the National Society of Black Engineers. He also belonged to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at NJIT, where he tutored students in math and physics.

EOP puts students through a rigorous academic boot camp after their senior year of high school; it then supports them throughout their years at NJIT. For Baah, EOP was a godsend. The boot camp schooled him in time management and study habits and became his bridge between high school and college.

“EOP boot camp gave me the blueprint for college success,” said Baah. “It was a perfect transition from high school to college. I made friends and got to know my fellow classmates and many professors before college even started. Those relationships guided me all through my years at NJIT.”

Baah has a worldly background, so relocating to London won’t faze him. He was born in the Ivory Coast, where his father worked for the American embassy. His family had a stable middle class life in the city of Abidjan until a rebel outbreak tore their stability asunder. Suddenly, the cosmopolitan city was rife with "gunshots, looting and dead bodies strewn in the streets," he said.

When he was 15, his family moved to Ghana, where for three years he attended boarding school. Then his family moved to America – they settled in East Orange, so that he could attend an American university. And looking back, Baah said he could not have picked a better university.

“NJIT is a great school and EOP is a great program,” Baah added. “Together they helped me learn a great deal and get a terrific job. I just stopped by NJIT and the EOP office to tell the staff about my job in London and to thank them for all they’ve done for me.”   

By Robert Florida (