Past Alumni Profile

June 7, 2010
Vishagan Ratnaswamy, a recent NJIT graduate who did groundbreaking research in granular science, has won a fellowship to pursue a doctorate in aeronautical engineering at the California Institute... read more!
March 23, 2010
Robert Gorman comes from a family of humble economic needs. His father was a salesman and his mother was a housewife and a book-keeper. Neither of them went to college. Both of them, though,... read more!
February 25, 2010
Alex Khowaylo spent his childhood living in a displaced person’s camp in Germany.  During World War II, his father joined the Ukrainian underground and fought against the Soviet Army.... read more!
February 18, 2010
When Darlene Clovis (class of 2004) saw the destruction that the earthquake had visited upon Haiti, she knew she wanted to help.  Her parents were both born in Haiti, and though she grew up... read more!
November 4, 2009
After graduating from NJIT in 2007, Hamid Bagce (2007) won a full scholarship to attend the New Jersey Medical School at UMDNJ.  He’s now in his third year at the medical school.He is... read more!
November 4, 2009
After graduating from NJIT in 2007, Angelie Mascarinas (2007) won a full scholarship to attend UMDNJ’s New Jersey Medical School.  She’s now in her third year of medical school,... read more!
March 30, 2009
When he was a young boy, Serge Demerjian (1993) loved to build. He’d spend endless afternoons playing with Legos, building them up, then tearing them down. Ever since he could remember, he... read more!
December 3, 2008
Just one week after graduating from NJIT, Jonathan Lansey (2008) was invited to give a talk at Google’s Manhattan office. While an NJIT student, Lansey studied the probabilities of... read more!
November 17, 2008
Ken Chin (1974) helped design a computer chip for two immensely popular video games: Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Chin works as a research engineer at IBM’s Watson Center.  He was... read more!
October 23, 2008
Jason Chin (2007) graduated less than a year ago from NJIT, but he already has a job that most video-game-loving college students would kill for:  He works as a quality assurance tester for... read more!