Past Alumni Profile

December 5, 2007
Chris and Ade, two NJIT grads (2002), opened an art store. It’s just down the road from the university, on Halsey and New Streets, a neighborhood that is beginning to feel like Greenwich... read more!
November 13, 2007
Young, talented and entrepreneurial, Geoff Cox (2003) is living the good life in Manhattan. He runs a software business out of his apartment. He plays guitar in a rock band and, with help from... read more!
October 12, 2007
When he was a senior at NJIT, Gian Francisco (2007) led a student team that won a nation wide engineering contest. Sponsored by IBM and the History Channel, the contest asked students to design... read more!
September 12, 2007
Biren Bhatt (2005) was one of the brightest and most compassionated students ever to attend NJIT. He graduated in just three years with a perfect grade point average: a 4.0. Thanks to an... read more!