Want a Nightclub with a Hurricane Motif? Ask Anita Graham

Anita Graham is an interior design student whose knowledge of sophisticated software informs her work.

Design a nightclub that looks like a hurricane. Or at least design a nightclub interior that has a hurricane theme. 

That’s an assignment Anita Graham recently received from her professor. Though it might seem like a daunting task, Anita, an interior design major, was inspired by it.

She based the nightclub’s floor plan on the hurricane symbol – a circle with fins.  And her interior design was rife with spiraling floors, rails, and columns -- connoting a hurricane’s centrifugal force.  She used blue lights, the color of water, and divided the interior into three dramatic levels -- open and circular floors that seem to swirl with chaotic energy -- like a hurricane.

Anita loved the nightclub assignment. For other class projects, she’s also delighted in designing interiors for a café, a healthcare center and a hotel. Each project turned out well and taught her new design techniques. 

Anita’s interior designs succeed in part because of her mastery of software. She’s excels in Revit, an Autodesk program used by designers. She twice received scholarships to attend Revit training programs in San Francisco. With the knowledge she acquired at the programs, she now helps her fellow students learn Revit.     

She is also a student leader. She is the president of the NJIT student chapter of the International Interior Design Association and president of the student chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

After she graduates, she’d like to work as an interior designer for a large architecture and design firm.  Meanwhile, though, she’s having a great time studying interior design.

“I transferred to NJIT from Gloucester County College and Glenn Goldman, director of the School of Art + Design, suggested I major in interior design. I did and have loved it ever since.”

(By Robert Florida, Office of Strategic Communications)