Graduate Students Are Moving the Edge

Research Professor of Physics Reginald Farrow (right) seen here with postdoctoral student Alokik Kanwall, explores the interface between nanotechnology and biophysics.

Electronic technology and biological sensing at the nanoscale

Research Professor of Physics Reginald Farrow and postdoctoral student Alokik Kanwall explore the interface between nanotechnology and biophysics. Farrow and Research Professor of Chemistry Zafar Iqbal received a patent recently for an improved method of fabricating arrays of nanoscale electrical probes. Their discovery may lead to improved diagnostic tools for measuring the spatial variation of electrical activity inside biological cells.

Designing new enzymes

Edgardo Farinas, assistant professor of chemistry and environmental science woks to develop methodologies and “rules” for enzyme design, and apply these methods to efficiently create novel and practical biocatalysts. Nirupama Gupta ’10 worked in his lab until receiving her doctorate. She is now a research associate at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Delivering better search results

Doctoral student in computer science Tian Tian focuses her research on ways to make the Web more usable. Working with James Geller, professor of computer science, she published two papers on Web searching – one proposing a method for well organized and visually separated search term completions using ontologies and a second presenting an approach for predicting the number of hits for a given set of query terms.

Engineering electronic trading

Ali Akansu, professor of electrical engineering, has established NJIT’s Laboratory for High Performance Digital Signal Processing Research, a computer cluster with the power and speed to take on advanced computing problems. He and his team of graduate students Sambit Mishra, Yuewen Wang, Mustafa Torun, Boyan Zhang, Pritish Mishra, and Yanjia Sun use the lab to study data intensive discovery, high frequency trading algorithms and technology development. He and Mustafa co-authored a paper entitled "On Basic Price Model and Volatility in Multiple Frequencies" presented at the IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop in Nice, France. He also gave an invited plenary talk entitled "Electronic Trading: A Data Intensive Discovery" at the International Conference on Mathematical Finance and Economics in Istanbul, Turkey.