Past Innovations at NJIT

November 11, 2011
Be passionate. Create products. Solve problems. Don’t make crap. Don’t make a flatulent app and above all, get excited and make things.These words of advice were uttered by Matt... read more!
October 28, 2011
Enhancing Bridge SafetyShu Yi Tham's research will improve the safety of bridges.  Shu, a master's student majoring in civil and environmental engineering, developed a model to evaluate... read more!
October 23, 2011
The future of the health sciences is quietly taking shape on the sixth floor of Fenster Hall. Biomedical Engineering's Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering Laboratory.Assistant Professor Cheul Cho,... read more!
October 10, 2011
It isn’t often that an undergraduate gets a scholarship that pays her to do scientific research. But that’s precisely the good fortune that befell Vincia Jackson, a sophomore majoring... read more!
October 7, 2011
At NJIT, undergraduates get many opportunities to work on hands-on research projects. The Provost’s Office, the Biology and the Math Department as well as the Dorman Honor’s College... read more!
October 5, 2011
Development of neural prostheses – devices and technologies for interfacing with the central nervous system – are the focus of research by Associate Professor Mesut Sahin.His current... read more!
July 13, 2011
Sara Rin makes shoes out of soda cans, foldable whisks and paper cutouts that look like modern sculpture.She did all three projects for class. Sara is an industrial design major, the curriculum... read more!
March 10, 2011
NJIT students like hands-on projects. They like to work in teams. And they especially like it when teams are interdisciplinary -- bringing together students with different majors.Consider, for... read more!
March 10, 2011
Design a nightclub that looks like a hurricane. Or at least design a nightclub interior that has a hurricane theme. That’s an assignment Anita Graham recently received from her... read more!
April 15, 2009
Three months into his iPhone Application Development class, Tyler Auten did something that impressed his instructor and, perhaps more importantly, made himself some money.  He created... read more!