He Helps Students Achieve their Goals

Ashish Borgaonkar will be recognized for his leaderhship qualities during fall Convocation.

During the annual fall ceremony known as Convocation, Ashish Borgaonkar will receive a Presidential Leadership Award. The award recognizes student leaders who've improved campus life.

Ashish recently earned a doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering and now works as a post-doctoral researcher at NJIT.

In terms of leadership, he was vice president of the Graduate Student Association, vice president of Sanskar, the Indian Graduate Student Association and vice president of Alpha Epsilon Lambda, the graduate honors society. He was also a student ambassador for the Office of International Students. 

As a teaching assistant Ashish was superb -- he won the NJIT Excellence in Instruction award in 2009, and in that same year the Newark College of Engineering (NCE) named him Outstanding Graduate Student. He’s won a host of awards for his environmental research, which focuses on how to remove potentially dangerous nanoparticles from drinking water.

In fact, at this year’s Dana Knox Student Research Showcase Ashish won a silver medal for using magnetic particles to remove nanoparticles from water. He’s published his research in academic journals and is fast becoming known as a leader in the field of water research.

“A leader is a person who unites people and motivates them to accomplish what they can’t do as individuals,” says Ashish. “You’ll be surprised how many students are capable of good deeds but lack only a humble push to do them.” 

(By Robert Florida)