BS in Computing and Business - New Undergraduate Major for Fall 2008

BS in Computing and Business - New Undergraduate Major for Fall 2008

In the fall of 2008, NJIT will offer a new degree in Computing and Business.  Faculty member Marvin Nakayama, of the College of Computing Sciences, is here to discuss the undergraduate degree.

Nakayama is an associate professor who teaches a class, the Foundations of Computer Science, that explores the limits of what a computer can do; not just today's computers but also computers of the future. He is also developing a mathematical method that will explain failures in our electrical power grid. And a student of his is creating a computer simulation that will solve complex financial problems. Wall Street analysts rely on simulations to study the stock markets.

Why offer a degree in Computing and Business?

It’s simple: To allow students to learn both computing science and business management, which will make them more knowledgeable and more marketable.  Corporations are eager to hire students who have technical and managerial skills.  If students have both skills, a company won’t have to spend a year teaching a computer science major the fundamentals of business. Students with this degree will already know that. And being well rounded will help these graduates get promotions and, if they like, to become managers. Computing science and business management are two popular majors, and many high school seniors have a hard time choosing which one to major in. This degree makes it easy for them. They don’t have to decide which to major in: They can study both. 

What will the Computing and Business degree focus on?

It will be technically oriented and focus on designing the sophisticated software systems and applications used by corporations, financial firms and Wall Street firms. They’ll learn computing skills -- networking and security, databases and data structures, operating systems and software engineering. But they also study fundamental business subjects such as accounting, finance, financial products, business operations and marketing.

Will students with the Computing and business degree find good jobs?

Students who graduate with the Business and Computing degree, either a bachelor’s or a master’s, will be positioned to get high paying technology jobs. Their combination of business and computing knowledge will open doors to jobs in finance, insurance, marketing, telecommunications, consulting and the pharmaceutical industry.  Since NJIT is located in the metropolitan area, the finance capital of the world, the Computing and Business degree is well suited for those wanting to pursue a career in finance. Graduates will be able to find finance jobs designing and developing software, designing databases, installing and running applications, ensuring security by setting up and maintaining firewalls, protecting and managing networks, running computer systems, enhancing financial systems, developing and maintaining websites and e-commerce systems, and providing IT support to traders and financial analysts.

What about internships and coops?

Oh yes, students will have access to abundant co-op and internship opportunities. They’ll also work as research assistants, helping their professors explore cutting-edge science and technology. One such technology is the Smart Campus project, where dozens of NJIT students are helping NJIT professors develop a new social network that will link the entire campus. Through what is called the Capstone Program,  teams of students are placed in local businesses, where they work on solving real problems for those firms - problems that call upon the students to use computing and business skills. They get credit for the work, and they gain invaluable experience.  

Is this BS in Computing and Business degree offered jointly?

Yes. Students will take classes at the College of Computing Sciences as well as at the School of Management. The College of Computing Science recently ranked 22nd in the nation for awarding bachelor’s degrees in computer science, and sixth for awarding master’s degrees, according to the National Science Foundation.  The School of Management, which offers students an excellent business education, is among the limited number of business schools that are accredited by the International Association for Management Education. . School of Management professors, such as Michael Ehrlich,  have had top jobs on Wall Street, and they share that experience with their students. So in a nutshell, the two new degrees have been created for students who like computing and business, and it will give them the edge when it comes time for them to find jobs.

Bachelor of Science in Computing and Business (745 KB, pdf)

(By Robert Florida, University Web Services)