170 Companies Come to Hire NJIT Students at the Fall Career Fair

The Fall 2011 Career Fair is the largest ever at NJIT.

The 2011 fall Career Fair will be the largest ever at NJIT, with 170 companies coming to interview and hire NJIT students.  Unemployment may be high and the economy weak, but NJIT students major in fields that make them indispensable to the functioning of the U.S. economy, said Gregory Mass, executive director of Career Development Services.

“Companies like ExxonMobil, AT&T, and Colgate-Palmolive are coming to the fair to hire our students,” Mass said. “NJIT students major in fields that are in demand, so even in a weak economy they get hired first.”

Some 2,000 students and alumni are expected to attend the October 12 career fair, which, given the high volume, will be held in two locations: the Fleisher Athletic Center and the Naimoli Family Athletic and Recreation Facility.  Employers are especially interested this fall in hiring students who major in information technology, computer science and engineering, said Mass. Some students will get job offers now, even though they don’t graduate until May 2012. Employers hire in the fall to ensure that they get the best and the brightest spring graduates, added Mass. And some employers intend to hire many graduates, not just one or two.

During the spring career fair, for instance, TATA Consultancy Services, a large information technology firm, hired 14 NJIT students. And one of those 14 students,  Seshasai Adibhatla, will attend the fall career – not as a job seeker but rather as a recruiter. The students hired by TATA performed so well on their jobs that the firm wants to hire more. So Adibhatla, who majored in Business and Information Systems and works as a software engineer for TATA, will come to the career fair to recruit more NJIT students.  

When Adibhatla was a student, Career Development Services helped him find a co-op job (a co-op is like an internship but lasts longer) at Colgate Palmolive. The office also helped him get two internships: one at Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, and a second at Telsource Corporation, an IT service firm. And the experience he acquired on those internships helped him get hired by TATA.  

“I stuck to my dream, which finally came true when TATA, the largest IT services firm in Asia, interviewed me on campus and offered me a job in Spring 2011,” said Adibhatla. “I got my dream job but only after almost three years of persistently going to interviews arranged by the Career Development Services and working a co-op and two internships.. For the Spring ’10 semester, I was doing both the internships simultaneously; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.”

Students seeking employment for spring and summer 2012 should attend the fair, said Mass, since many companies will hire students for internships and co-op jobs, which often lead to full-time jobs. Each year, the Career Development office helps some 400 students find interns and co-op jobs. The office helps students, starting when they are freshmen, in all aspects of career planning: resume writing, interviewing skills, and how to launch a successful job search.   

Some students mistakenly think they won’t find jobs at a career fair, said Mass.  Statistics show, though, that last year the largest group of graduates (25 percent) found their jobs at the career fairs. 

Statistics also show that NJIT students get hired at nearly double the national average.  Nationally, 24 percent of students awarded bachelor’s degrees in 2011 had jobs at graduation, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.  But ¬47 percent of NJIT’s grads reported finding jobs at graduation.

“NJIT grads are essential to the functioning of our economy, so even when the economy is slow and unemployment is high employers can’t do without them,” says Mass.

(By Robert Florida)