NJIT Students in High Demand

Senior Crystal Seymour meets a recruiter at the Spring 2016 Career Fair.

NJIT graduates, renowned for their technical and analytical skills, command some of the highest salaries in the nation. In fact, NJIT is often ranked first in the nation for the professional success of its graduates.

It should thus come as no surprise that NJIT students are highly sought after by major employers, a phenomenon borne out by the Feb. 24 Spring Career Fair, where 350 recruiters interviewed an estimated 3,000 students for internships, co-ops and full-time positions.

The job-seeking students, dressed elegantly and with resumes at the ready, hopscotched from table to table, reciting their bona fides to the eager ears of recruiters, whose tables filled two large venues. It was a capacity crowd, so much so that several employers were placed on a waiting list, said Gregory Mass, the executive director of Career Development Services. Hiring is expected to be way up this year for young graduates, especially for engineering and information technology majors, which NJIT produces in droves. The employers came from all across the country to recruit at the fair -- and they weren’t disappointed, as this video shows.

John Canela ’15, was at the fair -- not looking for a job but recruiting for Cisco, where he now works as an IT engineer. Cisco is one of Silicon Valley’s premier companies and hundreds of students lined up to interview with Canela. The students here have the technical talent to be great hires, Canela said, and NJIT is ranked for its diversity, which is of paramount importance to Cisco. 

“A diverse workforce helps make a company great and we came here looking to hire diverse students,” said Canela. “We have several internships to fill and we will contact students whose resumes we like for on-campus interviews this week.  NJIT students have huge potential.”

Crystal Seymour, a senior majoring in industrial engineering, is a perfect example of a student with unlimited potential. She has already had four internships, working at Eaton Corporation, United Parcel Service, L'Oreal USA and Panasonic. As if that isn’t enough invaluable experience, this summer she has a fifth internship lined up at Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street’s top investment banks.  

Gould regularly attends NJIT’s career fairs -- she got her L’Oreal internship during a 2014 career fair -- and she often visits the Career Development Services office for advice on successful job searching.  She concedes she’s not a straight A student, but says she possesses other qualities that employers desire.

“A lot of students ask me for advice and wonder how I get all these internships,” says Gould. “I tell them my brutally honest story of switching my major from communication arts to industrial engineering and not having that perfect 3.0 or 4.0 GPA. I must admit that even I struggle with my schoolwork, but I convince recruiters that I'm hard working, reliable and willing to be trained. I think I got all five internships, and many other offers, because I communicated my desire to learn new skills from the companies.”

Charlie Johnson-Maljar is another NJIT student with enormous potential. He just completed an internship at Goldman Sachs and last year he did an internship at Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Johnson-Maljar, a junior in the Martin Tuchman School of Management with a concentration in international business, said his main interest lately is marketing. So he came to yesterday’s career fair to talk to recruiters about marketing internships. He visited recruiters from CBS, Prudential, Vanguard, AT&T and other firms and feels confident he’ll get a third internship.  Ultimately, his goal after he graduates is to work in the marketing department of a top Wall Street firm, such as Goldman. And he’s confident he’ll achieve that goal.

“I’ve been fortunate to have already had internships at two great companies -- Goldman and Horizon,” said Johnson-Maljar. “And I’m especially grateful to the counselors in Career Development Services, who always help me with my resume, my interviewing skills, my elevator speech, my attire and every aspect of career building.  Also, the NJIT career fairs attract the best employers in the nation who come to interview us students. That’s a fantastic opportunity, and I, for one, am really grateful to NJIT and the Career Center counselors for preparing me for what I know will be a great career.”

By Robert Florida

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