College of Computing Sciences Leads the Nation in Producing Graduates

NJIT's College of Computing Science: 22nd in the nation for undergraduate computer science degrees

The College of Computing Sciences, founded six years ago, is NJIT’s youngest college. But it’s already established itself as a national leader in producing computing-science graduates.

The college ranked 22nd in the nation for awarding bachelor’s degrees in computer science; sixth nationally for awarding master’s degrees; and 25th for awarding doctoral degrees in computer science, according to the most recently published data compiled by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The bachelor’s and master’s rankings are for 2004 while the doctoral ranking is for 2005.

The top universities in each of the above categories were listed in a recent issue of Computing Research News, a journal published by the Computing Research Association, a group comprised of academic departments of computer science, computer engineering and related fields.

“It’s gratifying that NJIT has quickly become a national leader in producing computer scientists and other professionals at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels,” said Narain Gehani, dean of the College of Computing Sciences. “America is simply not producing enough scientists and technologists to compete globally. So for the college to produce such high numbers of computing professionals is a benefit to New Jersey and the nation. This reflects our commitment to quality education at all levels.”

NJIT is one of only three universities in the nation to rank in the top 30 for producing computing professionals at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. The other two are the University of Maryland and the University of Texas, Dallas.

In the wake of the dot com implosion in 2000, the market for computer scientists dropped, said Gehani. Consequently, student enrollment in computing science departments and colleges across the country decreased. But now that the demand for computing professionals is once again robust, student enrollments has jumped at the College of Computing Sciences, whose mission is to educate students in a broad range of computing disciplines while conducting cutting-edge computing research.

The college offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in computer science and information systems. It also offers a cross-disciplinary undergraduate degree in information technology as well as and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in bioinformatics. The college’s undergraduate degree programs in computer science and information systems are both nationally accredited.

(By Robert Florida, University Web Services)