Prospective Graduate Students Are Invited to a Graduate Open House: Thursday, Jan. 9

NJIT offers graduate students the chance to work with promiment professors at a top-ranked research university.

If you are considering enrolling in graduate school, you should attend NJIT’s Graduate Open House.

Scheduled for Thursday (Jan. 9), 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Atrium, the Open House gives you a chance to meet with an academic adviser. He or she will tell you all about your intended field of study -- the credits and courses you’ll need to graduate as well as the research opportunities available to you.

Admission counselors will also be there to help you fill out applications and learn about federal loans. They’ll also talk about graduate-certificate programs and on-line-learning programs, areas in which NJIT leads the nation.

The Open House is open to all prospective masters and doctoral students, and free parking is available in NJIT’s parking deck.

Many NJIT graduate students work full time. But by combining evening classes and on-line courses, students can usually earn a master’s degree in two and half or three years. Many students also decide to pursue doctoral degrees and become leaders in their fields in academia or industry.

What distinguishes NJIT from other universities is this: It’s a top ranked research university that is also ranked first in the nation by BuzzFeed for its educational value. That means our tuition is relatively low while the starting salary of our graduates is high.

After NJIT, many of our graduate students go onto successful careers. Here are just a few stories of some successful graduates.

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By Robert Florida