Student Excels in Project Management Triathlon

Natalia Kulekhova, a senior majoring in Business and Information Systems, took third place in the 2012 Intercollegiate Project Management Triathlon.

The Triathlon, a jeopardy-like contest that tested students’ knowledge of project management, was held recently at Duquesne University. 

There was also a team competition: The NJIT team, of which Natalia was a part, received honorable mention for designing a project-task list, also known as a Work Breakdown Structure. Nine universities competed in the team contest, and forty business management students competed in the individual contest.

“This was the first time NJIT participated in this contest and I’m proud of their performance,” said Katia Passerini, an Associate Professor in the School of Management who has won awards for teaching excellence. “And for Natalia to place third in the individual contest, in which 40 bright and well-prepared students competed, is quite an accomplishment.” 

In the team competition, teams were given a project management case and asked to develop three work products. The teams were evaluated on how well members performed on the work products. The three other NJIT team members are Julianne Jones, a senior majoring in Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS); Saulo Terry, a senior majoring in Management with a concentration in Marketing; and Nilkanth Patel, a junior majoring in Management with a concentration in MIS.

Randy Reagan, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Management, said participating in the contest will also help the students prepare for the upcoming Certified Associate Project Manager examination (CAPM). Passing that exam is important since it shows that students have mastered the core principles of project-management.

“Competitions like this teach students to problem solve and work as a team on real-world project management scenarios,” said Reagan. “They enjoyed the contest and are now prepared to excel on the CAPM exam.”

 By Robert Florida