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November 11, 2010
Many international students come to America with the hope of getting a degree, a job and a sponsor.  If they find an employer to sponsor them, international students can work in America for... read more!
November 11, 2010
Every semester, recruiters from major companies such as General Electric, Exxon Mobil and Morgan Stanley come to NJIT to interview students.NJIT’s reputation in the region is so strong that... read more!
November 11, 2010
A group of doctoral students is researching ways to create better drugs, as well as how to improve the manufacture of them. Their particle engineering research, some of which is published in... read more!
November 4, 2010
If you were openly gay, would you feel safe at NJIT?That question was recently put to passersby in the NJIT Campus Center.  The survey was done by Spectrum, a campus club that promotes the... read more!
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October 8, 2010
Bernard Wylie has eight brothers, all of whom attend NJIT. So Bernard never lacks for companionship – always has a brother to study with, a brother to socialize with and a brother to watch... read more!
October 8, 2010
Richard Ossa, a junior at NJIT, won a scholarship funded by President Obama. Richard, a chemical engineering major, was one of 12 students in the nation to win an Obama Scholarship. ... read more!
September 22, 2010
During high school, Carly Occhifinto had a jaundiced view of sorority girls.  Sororities girls, she thought, were superficial, vain and snobby – the kind of girls who devoted more time... read more!
August 3, 2010
In summer, many NJIT students work internships or co-ops.  Working an internship or a co-op (a co-op is an internship for which a student gets college credits) gives students invaluable... read more!
May 10, 2010
For the fifth year in a row, the NJIT Steel Bridge Team took first place in the Metropolitan Region’s Steel Bridge Competition.The team further distinguished itself this year by winning... read more!
April 26, 2010
Two NJIT students spent their spring break in Haiti, helping a medical team that set up a temporary health clinic in Port-au-Prince.The students, Roli Kushwaha and Mownika Yadlapalli, assisted... read more!