Which Companies Hire the Most NJIT Students?

NJIT grad and Exxon engineer Faidy Rusinque (right) shown talking to a student.


During a recent ceremony at NJIT, Career Development Services (CDS) gave awards to 17 employers who have hired the most students for internships, co-ops and full-time jobs.

“CDS has recruiting partnerships with hundreds of employers but these 17 distinguished themselves in 2015 by hiring the most students as well as supporting their continued professional development,” said Greg Mass, CDS executive director.

That support, added Mass, came in the form of their attending career fairs and conducting on-campus interviews; giving career workshops and seminars to students; inviting them to their companies for visits; and, helping them hone their resumes and refine their job-searching strategies. 

Charles Fey, vice president for academic support and student affairs, said NJIT ranked first in the nation for the return on investment (ROI) that accrues to graduates. And much of that success has to do with NJIT's student recruiting partners.

“Our Career Development Services office, one of the best offices of its kind in the nation, has developed ties with employers that have been invaluable to our students and graduates,” said Fey. “We are extremely grateful to the employers in this room today.”

All of the recruiters assembled spoke glowingly about NJIT graduates. They characterized the graduates as smart, hard-working and technically proficient -- consummate problem solvers who help their organizations stay competitive in a quicksilver climate of technological change. Nuelita John, a campus recruiter for Verizon in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, said Verizon hires NJIT students for internships and full-time jobs to maintain a leading edge in the marketplace.

“The future of technology is walking these hallways,” said John, referring to NJIT students.

Companies Honored:

Three companies were named “Top Employers” for hiring the most NJIT graduates: Optum, which hired 37 grads; AT&T, with 29 hires; and Verizon, with 17 hires.

The “Top Employers” for hiring the most co-ops and interns were: ADP, which hired 42;  Prudential, with 24; Johnson & Johnson, with 21; and UPS, with 16.

The “Top Employers, Honorable Recognition,” for hiring students for co-ops and interns were Verizon with 15 hires and Ericsson with 13.

Winning the award for “Top Employers of Graduates, Honorable Recognition,” were: Tata Consultancy Services, with 16 hires; and A&J Consulting Engineering Services, with 12.

In the category of “Government Sector Partner,” the New Jersey Department of Transportation took top honors, with 14 full-time hires.

“The Best Community Partner” award went to After-School All Stars, a nonprofit group that partners with schools to provide after-school programs that help low-income children prepare for college. NJIT has hosted fundraising events with the group and also held on-campus events that benefitted the children.

Winning awards for “Best Diversity and Inclusion Partners” were three firms selected by NJIT student groups: Microsoft was honored by the Society of Hispanic and Professional Engineers; FM Global was honored by the Society of Women Engineers; and, Enterprise Rent-A-Car was honored by the National Society of Black Engineers.

“The Continuous Engagement Partner” award went to ExxonMobil, which has a rich history of hiring NJIT students for co-ops and full-time jobs. Exxon also provides academic scholarships each year to the Chemical Engineering department.

Finally, “The Best Emerging Recruitment Partners” award went to Cisco, a relative newcomer to NJIT in terms of recruiting.  Last year, Cisco hired three NJIT grads for full-time jobs. One of those hires, John Canela, has been a tireless advocate for NJIT since working as an intern at Cisco. Overall, the three hires have done so well on their jobs that Cisco recently decided to recruit on campus. Two more students have been hired as Cisco interns.    

“Collectively we have accomplished tremendous outcomes this year,” Mass said. “And I do place special emphasis on the word ‘we’ -- what we have accomplished. Because without your sustained involvement, NJIT would not rank nationally for return on investment. For all that you do for NJIT, I thank you.”

By Robert Florida

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