Past stories tagged with "chemical"

Faculty Profile
April 9, 2010
Professor Basil Baltzis has taught at NJIT for more than twenty-five years, and during that time he has distinguished himself as a scholar, a researcher and a teacher.He has a gift for explaining... read more!
Alumni Profile
March 23, 2010
Robert Gorman comes from a family of humble economic needs. His father was a salesman and his mother was a housewife and a book-keeper. Neither of them went to college. Both of them, though,... read more!
Student Profile
April 24, 2009
Carlos Figueroa will graduate from NJIT in May with a perfect grade point average. And what’s more impressive is that he’s graduating in just three years – not the usual... read more!
Scene & Heard
December 5, 2008
The Ramos sisters, Kathya and Jennifer, always excelled academically. They both graduated from high school as class valedictorians.  During their junior and senior years in high school, they... read more!
Student Profile
September 3, 2008
Paul Dupiano has an unbridled passion for learning.  Unlike most of today’s college students, he’s not a careerist – one who sees an undergraduate degree as an avenue to a... read more!
Scene & Heard
July 23, 2008
Are boys better in math and science than girls? Are boys innately superior to girls in analytical fields such as engineering?  Naturally aggressive and competitive, are boys bound to... read more!
Student Profile
May 16, 2008
Daniel Lepek, a chemical engineering major whose research involving pharmaceutical powders could help develop a new class of nano-drugs, was recently named the Newark College of... read more!
Student Profile
May 15, 2008
Each member of Stephanie Monteiro’s family was born in a different country: her   mother in Portugal; her father in Angola; her sister in Mozambique and she in... read more!
Scene & Heard
November 30, 2007
Sometimes, especially when confronted with a seemingly unsolvable equation, three heads are better than one.  At least that’s the thinking of three students – Jamie Lee,... read more!