Past stories tagged with "construction"

Scene & Heard
September 13, 2011
Chemical engineering major Rachel Wallner worked on a project to make the environmental cleanup of Air Force bases more efficient as a summer intern at Noblis. After her graduation in May 2011,... read more!
Scene & Heard
December 14, 2010
Julian Rivera, a sophomore at NJIT, believes it’s his mission in life to help people: especially poor people living in undeveloped parts of the world.After his freshman year in high school,... read more!
Innovations at NJIT
February 26, 2008
Richard Garber can make the most mundane object beautiful. What, for instance, is uglier than a construction walkway, a sidewalk bridge that shields pedestrians from whatever unheavenly hazards... read more!
Faculty Profile
February 22, 2008
With more than 550 undergraduate students, Engineering Technology is one of the largest departments at NJIT and one of the most vibrant. Perhaps that’s because, in addition to our freshmen... read more!
Scene & Heard
December 12, 2007
America’s aging infrastructure is crumbling: bridges have collapsed, levees have burst and highways have fallen.  Many of our ports, industries and transportation centers, moreover,... read more!
Student Profile
November 13, 2007
Dena Baskous misses the wild open spaces of Alaska. She grew up in Anchorage, where she learned to love the manifold beauties of nature. When she was a girl, her parents often took her camping in... read more!