Past stories tagged with "electrical"

Scene & Heard
November 18, 2011
Whenever one of his McNair students gets a Ph.D., Professor Angelo Perna, a good-hearted and gregarious professor who has taught at NJIT for 45 years, smiles with delight.Perna devotes himself... read more!
Innovations at NJIT
October 28, 2011
Enhancing Bridge SafetyShu Yi Tham's research will improve the safety of bridges.  Shu, a master's student majoring in civil and environmental engineering, developed a model to evaluate... read more!
Innovations at NJIT
October 7, 2011
At NJIT, undergraduates get many opportunities to work on hands-on research projects. The Provost’s Office, the Biology and the Math Department as well as the Dorman Honor’s College... read more!
Student Profile
May 9, 2011
Phong Pham, who did two majors simultaneously -- mechanical and electrical engineering -- will attend Stanford University.  He'll major in mechanical engineering.After the below story was... read more!
Student Profile
April 28, 2011
America is often referred to as the land of opportunity.  Faizan Naqvi refers to NJIT as the “university of opportunity.”NJIT gave him the opportunity, for instance, to work on... read more!
Student Profile
January 14, 2011
Niranjan Choudhary has a mobile office, one that transports him all over America. He gets paid handsomely to stay in hotels and eat at restaurants and to visit some of America’s most... read more!
Faculty Profile
December 20, 2010
Many NJIT professors bring a wealth of real-world experience to their classrooms, having worked earlier in their careers as scientists or engineers.   And the students are the ones who... read more!
Alumni Profile
October 20, 2010
When Divya Gathe left India for America in the summer of 2007, she had a plan: She’d get a master’s degree from NJIT, find a job in her field -- telecommunications and networking --... read more!
Student Profile
April 12, 2010
Salman Naqvi, a senior majoring in electrical engineering, will graduate in May having won a host of awards and accolades.The Newark College of Engineering (NCE) recently gave him its two highest... read more!
Student Profile
August 13, 2009
All summer long, Kate Boardman has worked with the wind.Boardman, an electrical engineering major at NJIT, is a summer intern at General Electric Wind, part of the company’s renewable... read more!