Past stories tagged with "robots"

Student Profile
February 5, 2011
He Builds Amazing Robots, Writes Best-Selling Books and Runs FastWhen he was a boy, Jonathan Daudelin spent endless hours building LEGO robots. He was home-schooled and his parents thought his... read more!
Scene & Heard
July 31, 2008
NJIT students like hands-on learning.  They like working on projects that allow them to use the technologies they’ve grown up with.  Professors here understand this and... read more!
Faculty Profile
October 29, 2007
During his nearly 20 years at NJIT, Professor Timothy Chang has won a host of teaching awards. He’s been cited for his use of technology in the classroom; for introducing web-based lab... read more!
Scene & Heard
June 28, 2007
Military inspectors are coming to interrogate a team of NJIT students – and their robot.The students built a robotic car that can navigate city streets without a driver. They’ve... read more!
Scene & Heard
March 2, 2007
The Fed Ex truck came at dusk to pick up the robots. The robot designers – two teams of high school students – had spent a tense day in an NJIT lab assembling the robots. Their... read more!
Scene & Heard
February 6, 2007
Why Study Electrical and Computer Engineering? A Question and Answer Session with Professor Tim ChangHow does electrical and computer engineering (ECE) differ from computer science?Which students... read more!