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Past Stories:
Scene & Heard
December 14, 2010
Julian Rivera, a sophomore at NJIT, believes it’s his mission in life to help people: especially poor people living in undeveloped parts of the world.After his freshman year in high school,... read more!
Scene & Heard
October 8, 2010
Bernard Wylie has eight brothers, all of whom attend NJIT. So Bernard never lacks for companionship – always has a brother to study with, a brother to socialize with and a brother to watch... read more!
Student Profile
December 1, 2009
When John Hoffman (2011) tells his fellow students that he majors in history, they usually respond by asking, “Does NJIT really offer history as a major?” Either that, Hoffman says,... read more!
Student Profile
May 20, 2009
Early on in life, growing up in Peru, Joseph Gonzales learned the value of efficient thinking. Both of his parents ran small businesses -- his mother a bakery, his father a distribution warehouse... read more!