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Scene & Heard
July 31, 2008
NJIT students like hands-on learning.  They like working on projects that allow them to use the technologies they’ve grown up with.  Professors here understand this and... read more!
Scene & Heard
July 23, 2008
Are boys better in math and science than girls? Are boys innately superior to girls in analytical fields such as engineering?  Naturally aggressive and competitive, are boys bound to... read more!
Scene & Heard
November 30, 2007
Sometimes, especially when confronted with a seemingly unsolvable equation, three heads are better than one.  At least that’s the thinking of three students – Jamie Lee,... read more!
Student Profile
June 28, 2007
Diya Abdeljabbar, a recent NJIT graduate, will pursue a PhD in the fall at Princeton University, where he won a full scholarship to study chemical engineering.Diya excelled as a chemical... read more!
Scene & Heard
March 2, 2007
The Fed Ex truck came at dusk to pick up the robots. The robot designers – two teams of high school students – had spent a tense day in an NJIT lab assembling the robots. Their... read more!