Competing for (and Getting) the Best Job

Dominick Cirillo started in a remedical program at NJIT, but finished with honors and a great job.

Dominick Cirillo earned good grades in high school, but he did poorly on his SATs.  Therefore, when he enrolled at NJIT he was placed in a remedial program. He started off by taking just 10 credits. As part of his remedial program -- APT to Succeed -- he received tutoring and had mandatory study hours.

“I didn’t know if I’d sink or swim,” recalls Dominick, who recently graduated. “In the end, though, I wound up a scholar in the Dorman Honors College and President of the Student Senate.”

Doing It All at NJIT

Dominick, who majored in Business with a dual concentration in Finance and Management Information Systems, got the most out of NJIT.  He not only excelled academically but socially and politically.  He worked as a resident assistant in the dormitories, was elected president of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, and was elected President of the Student Senate. He was the student speaker during NJIT’s May 2011 graduation. He also worked three internships, during which he honed his management and technology skills. 

The Payoff

And all of his hard work has paid off.  He'll soon begin work as a Business Systems Analyst for UnitedHealth Group (UHG), a major health care company. UHG hired him for a special management training and leadership program. For two years, he’ll get to travel and rotate jobs within UHG; he’ll get special training and work alongside its high-level managers. In essence, he’ll be groomed by UHG to be a top technology manager. 

It’s a coveted job and Dominick had plenty of competition. UHG recruiters interviewed students from Princeton, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon and Cornell. They also did on-campus interviews at NJIT.  Dominick interviewed and was called back for a second interview – this time at UHG’s office in Basking Ridge. When he arrived at the UHG office, 30 other students were also waiting to be interviewed. They were all top students from top colleges. But in the end, UHG picked Dominick.  

“I think the UHG managers were impressed that I was Student Senate President,” says Dominick. “They also liked that I had worked three internships.”

Giving Thanks to NJIT

It’s a great company and a great job and he can’t wait to start. And it was NJIT that gave him his start, back when he was in remedial classes, back when it was sink of swim.  He swam, and he’s grateful to NJIT.

 “NJIT gave me many opportunities, starting when I was a freshman in Apt to Succeed. I’m very grateful for that.”

(By Robert Florida)