This Enterprising Grad Student Has Published 10 Articles

Xiaolong Geng will graduate from NJIT having published 10 peer-reviewed articles.

Many doctoral students manage to publish an article or two in scientific journals before they graduate -- but Xiaolong Geng will graduate from NJIT having published 10 peer-reviewed articles. His research, moreover, has practical applications for improving the environment.

Geng, who will earn his Ph.D. in environmental engineering on May 20, worked as a research assistant for Professor Michel Boufadel, who directs the Center for Natural Resource Development and Protection. Working at the center allowed Geng to conduct the research that resulted in his many publications. 

“The average number of publications for graduate students is two or three, so to publish 10 articles is exceptional and highlights the excellence of Xiaolong’s research at NJIT,” Boufadel said.

Geng’s research is helping the environment  in various ways, added Boufadel, who advises Geng’s research.  He has, for instance, developed computer models that scientists and government officials use to make the Jersey coastline less vulnerable to hurricanes. He has also modeled the flow and persistence of oil on the shoreline and designed technologies that will remediate oil spills.  Additionally he has studied hydraulic fracturing, the drilling technique used to unearth shale gas, and designed models to improve drilling methods as well as to reduce the adverse environmental effects of fracking.

“Working as a research assistant at Professor Boufadel’s center has allowed me to conduct research across a broad area of environmental engineering and coastal groundwater hydrology,” Geng said. “I came to NJIT to study and do research under his direction and I’ve learned so much.”

And though Geng is graduating this spring, he’s not leaving NJIT.

He recently agreed to stay on and work as a post-doctoral fellow at the center. He’ll continue the research he’s doing but also expand and work on other projects at the NRDP center.  Recently, the center partnered with Langan Engineering, a major company based in New Jersey. The two entities will work together to remediate long-standing contaminated sites both in state and across the nation.  Geng is looking forward to helping with that project and others at the center, which is becoming known as the steward of the coastline.

“The center continues to grow and do leading environmental work and it’s essential that we attract top researchers like Xiaolong,” Boufadel said. “He’s a scholar and a young leading researcher in his field and his accomplishments are a true credit to NJIT.” 

By Robert Florida