Christopher Sam Has an Internship at Cisco

Christopher Sam is interning at Cisco Systems, in San Jose, California.

Christopher Sam is interning at Cisco Systems, in San Jose, California.  It’s his second summer interning at Cisco, a major multi-national corporation that sells cutting-edge networking equipment.  He did so well on his internship there last summer that Cisco invited him back for this summer.   That bodes well for Chris’s career, since when a company invites an intern back it usually means the company has a long-term interest in hiring him.

Last summer, Chris worked as a project manager in Cisco’s global supply chain division. This summer, he’s working as a project specialist within the supply chain unit – a job that has greater responsibilities.

At NJIT, Chris belongs to the Educational Opportunity Program and is Vice President of the student chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers. In this interview Chris, a senior majoring in industrial engineering, talks about his internships at Cisco.   

This is your second internship at Cisco, right?

Yes, I am honored to say I was invited back to intern with Cisco Systems this summer, which is my second internship.  Last summer I was worked as a project manager.  My primary objective then was to manage the creation of a key report that would allow all the global demand planners and supply planners the ability to root cause issues within their product families by giving them planning ID (PLID) level visibility for their particular direct fulfillment (DF) sites.

And what about your job there this summer?

This summer, I am working as a project specialist within the supply chain division; needless to say I am very excited about my project this summer.

How did you get the first internship?

I was able to procure this internship through utilizing NJIT’s Career Development Services (CDS). I attended a conference through CDS targeting career opportunities for students with disabilities.  While there I was invited to meet and speak to various corporate representatives as a student panel representative.  I voiced my opinion on the issues these corporations faced in developing new recruitment strategies and on how to refine existing strategies to achieve disability inclusive diversity; afterwards, I was approached by a few Cisco representatives. They expressed an interest in my ideas as well as personality and requested a copy of my resume. The rest is history.

What division of Cisco do you work in?

Within Cisco I’m within their Global Supply Chain division and with their Global Planning and Fulfillment section.

Do you want to work full time for Cisco after you graduate?

Yes. Cisco is an amazing company with an incredibly culture. I absolutely loved my time with them last summer and I am ecstatic to be interning here again.

(By Robert Florida)