Jared Kruzek- Electrical Engineering

Jared Kruzek

Jared Kruzek gets his drive from God.

God gave him a good mind, Jared believes, but expects him to use it.

“My work ethic comes from my religious convictions,” said Jared. “My diligence and hard work are an outgrowth of my deeply held religious beliefs."

Jared’s hard work has placed him in good stead: the Newark College of Engineering (NCE) recently named him its Outstanding Electrical Engineering Senior. The award is based on a student’s overall achievements, and Jared’s have been many.

He’ll graduate this spring with a near perfect grade point average of 3.93. He has four scholarships and attends the Albert Dorman Honors College. He belongs to two honors societies, and he sits on the advisory board for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. He’s also worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant.

Jared’s has had two coveted summer internships. He was an intern at Boeing, where he used a digital-control system to support test flights. And at Verizon Wireless, he helped network engineers ensure the performance of its computer systems. 

For his senior project at NJIT, Jared is doing robot-assisted DNA research. He is helping Professor Tim Chang analyze DNA data that are generated by a dispenser. Chang has designed a robotic technique for placing genetic material onto slides – a technique that hospitals will soon use to diagnose diseases.

“I’m impressed by Jared’s research capabilities,” said Chang. “He has a great eagerness to learn and conduct research.”

Jared is doing a second research project in digital signaling processing. He is designing an algorithm that eliminates interference and improves service for multiple wireless users.

Although his academic interests are technical, Jared is far more than a techie. He is a well-rounded student who loves folk-rock music, the outdoors -- hiking, camping, snowboarding -- and reading good literature. He likes to exercise in the university gym and play racquetball. At home, he plays African drums. And unlike most college students, he spurns video games and doesn't own an iPod.

“When I have free time, I never play video games,” said Jared. “I love reading. It’s a divergence from math and technology.”

In high school, he studied the liberal arts. He attended Trinity Christian High School, in Montville.  Trinity's curriculum emphasizes the humanities -- history, literature and philosophy.  It had small classes – there were only five students in his senior class; it was rigorous and the curriculum broadened his intellect. He loved Trinity and graduated class valedictorian.

Jared also works part-time at Sages and Pages, a bookstore in Madison, N.J. The store offers him a further escape from technology.

He grew up and lives in Pequannock, N.J., and commutes to NJIT. When he has time between his classes, Jared likes to sit in the university’s Tech Café. The cafe offers a social environment - there are always students there -- but also enough space for solitude and reading.

But come this fall, Jared won’t have much time to read. He plans to attend graduate school and earn a master’s degree in electrical engineering. He’ll concentrate in control theory and robotics. He’s applied to some of the best schools in the nation, including Stanford, the University of California at Berkeley and NJIT.

After he gets that master’s, he intends to get another -- this one in Financial Engineering. His ideal job would be to work in quantitative finance for an investment bank such as Goldman Sachs. There, he’d use his well-rounded intellect to quantify investments.

But whatever his future brings, whatever job he eventually gets, he’ll apply himself 100 percent. For what keeps him motivated, and filled with the drive to succeed, is what he views as divine inspiration.

“So I work hard, trusting God to bless me and I praise and thank Him that he evidently has,” said Jared. “I was blessed with a good analytic mind but there’s a lot of hard work that goes into being a good student.”

(by Robert Florida, University Web Services)