This NJIT Junior Is Interning at IBM

Jonathan Tomasulo has a summer internship at IBM.

Jonathan Tomasulo has a summer internship at IBM, where he's getting invaluable work experience.

He’s been on the job just one week yet he’s already working on two important projects. And he has traveled to three different IBM offices, giving him insight into how the company operates. Jonathan, an information technology major with a specialization in network security, recently answered a few questions about his internship.


What is your job title?

I am an IT Specialist Summit Intern based at IBM’s technical branch of the North East Sales Division.

Do you like the internship?

So far I am enjoying the experience. IBM has more than 425,000 employees worldwide and for this large of a company they seem to all be very tightly knit. As far as employees go, I have met a fantastic group of people working at this company.  Everyone is always working in teams and every employee is proud of what the company has accomplished. Employees are so proud that they call themselves IBMers. I am excited to be a part of that.

What kind of projects do you work on?

Currently I am working with my manager on two projects. Both involve analysis of organized data. One is more focused on data analytics, while the other is focused on hosting a DB2 database server and interfacing it with Excel.

How did you get the internship?

I acquired the job through a family member who has been working with the company for some time. He let me know that they were hiring interns and he passed along my resume. I met a manager for a fairly informal conversation about the company and the opportunities there. Then I applied through the IBM website and had two phone interviews before they extended me an offer.

What do you gain from an internship?

The internship in general so far has given me a taste of a lot of different things. Some technology-oriented projects are always involved but I think the most important part of it really is just being in the office and taking in the atmosphere. This way you get a small flavor of what the company is about.

Will the internship enhance your education and career?

An opportunity like this with a company as well-respected as IBM can only help your career and education. NJIT lays down the first layer of knowledge you have as far as technology goes. But to truly understand how things work, you need to work in industry on real-world solutions. Interning here gives me a taste of what IBM has to offer from an employment perspective and also gives me great overall work experience.

By Robert Florida