Senior Rocco Ricciardi Is Interning at Nickelodeon

Rocco Ricciardi, a senior, is interning at Nickelodeon.

Rocco Ricciardi has the best internship ever: Essentially, he gets paid to download, play, and analyze mobile games. 

Rocco, a senior, is interning at Nickelodeon, the cable television network best known for cartoons such as  SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dora the Explorer. Nickelodeon also publishes games -- based on its cartoons -- for cell phones and tablets. And that’s where Rocco comes into the equation.


What is your major?

I’m an information technology major with a concentration in game dessign.

Within which division of Nickelodeon (Nick) do you work?

I work in the Nick’s Mobile Application Business Publishing Department. Personally, I don't work on the games.

What do you do then, aside from play games all day (lol)?

I work on analyzing the mobile games industry in terms of trends, branding, user experience and more. (So basically I do download, play, and analyze mobile games every day, lol). Seriously, though, I look at the industry as a whole and see how Nick’s games are faring on the market. I also analyze the demographics of that market.

Where is the office?

My internship is at Viacom's Nickelodeon office in Times Square, in midtown Manhattan. I can look out the office windows and see where the ball drops in Times Square.

Do you like the job?

I love what I'm doing here at Nickelodeon. The office is a very casual and friendly environment and the employees are really focused on making sure I walk away from this experience with a lot of projects and tangible knowledge for my future. I honestly would be extremely happy if they invited me to return after graduation.

How did you get the internship?

I got this position after meeting Viacom's college relations representative at the NJIT Career Fair this past spring semester. I remained in contact with him personally and was able to schedule an interview with Nickelodeon's mobile games team.

Do you think this internship will enhance your education and help you get a job?

I strongly believe the experience I am gaining from this internship will help me incredibly in terms of my professional development.  Not only am I learning so much about the mobile games industry as a whole, but I'm gaining experience in office etiquette, corporate structure and hierarchy, and the overall picture of how products are executed and delivered. I am overhearing co-workers discuss concepts and projects using terms I've only ever heard in a classroom, and it's so exciting to have this bridge between NJIT and the real world.

By Robert Florida