Senior Faidy Rusinque Will Work as a Process Engineer for Exxon

Faidy Rusinque, a senior majoring in chemical engineering, has a top job waiting for her at Exxon.

When she was a student at Essex County College, Faidy Rusinque attended a workshop given by Professor Norman Loney, the chairman of NJIT’s Chemical Engineering Department. Loney talked about what it’s like to study chemical engineering at NJIT and to work as a chemical engineer. Faidy was smitten.

“After hearing Professor Loney speak I fell in love with the idea of becoming a chemical engineer,” says Faidy, a senior at NJIT who majors in chemical engineering.  “After carefully considering potential schools that would help me fulfill my goals, I decided to transfer to NJIT. Looking back now, I realize that I couldn’t have made a better decision.”

Right after she graduates in May, Faidy will work as a process engineer for ExxonMobil’s Downstream Research and Engineering division. She’ll essentially support the manufacturing facilities as well as consult on improvements and solve operational problems. It’s a first-rate job with an extremely competitive salary and she can’t wait to start.

In this interview, she talks about her many successes at NJIT, and how all that helped her get her job at Exxon.


What were the highlights of your NJIT career?

Becoming a McNair Scholar has been a big highlight of my NJIT career. As a McNair Scholar, I had the opportunity to do research with Professor Xianqin Wang. As soon as I joined Professor Wang’s research team, I developed a passion for innovation. I enjoyed the challenges Professor Wang gave me and I took them to the next level. I’ve presented our project in various research poster showcases such as the McNair Research Symposium, the 2013 AIChE 2013 Student Conference, the Philadelphia AMP (Alliance for Minority Participation) Research Symposium and the DOW-MIT (DOW Chemical, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) access program.

Can you talk about your job at Exxon?

Studying to become a chemical engineer has been a long journey full of great experiences and challenges with a successful ending. Upon graduation, I will be joining ExxonMobil as a full-time employee where I’ll begin a new challenging and rewarding career path. I will be working for ExxonMobil’s Downstream Research & Engineering as a Process Engineer supporting the manufacturing facilities, consulting on improvements and solving operating problems. I look forward engaging in the company’s various leadership programs because I am convinced that my contribution will be a solid step as I climb the ladder of success that many others within my community have yet to join. 

Did NJIT help you get the job? 

Yes. Being a McNair Scholar has not only given me research opportunities, but also helped me to apply to many fellowship and internships. Last summer, I won the 2013 ExxonMobil LOFT (Latinos on Fast Track) Fellowship. As an ExxonMobil LOFT fellow, I participated in the Harvard-Certified ExxonMobil mentee program, which introduced me to Exxon's culture and career opportunities. At the end of this program, I had the chance to visit the ExxonMobil's Fairfax site, where I met some of my future colleagues. Because of programs like this, as well as the aid given me by NJIT's Career Center, Professor Perna and Zara Williams (from the McNair program), I had the opportunity to get my dream job at ExxonMobil. 

Did NJIT prepare you well to work and succeed at Exxon?  

I am convinced that NJIT has given me the guidance and experience needed to start this challenging journey with ExxonMobil. I strongly believe that I’ve gained a good understanding of chemical engineering concepts that could be applied directly or indirectly to problem solving. Having the opportunity to be guided by passionate professors, mentors and fellow engineers has given me a strong base that will result in a rewarding career.

By Robert Florida