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NJIT Students Present Leading Research at Upcoming Showcase

Improving hospital performance, better emergency shelter and automated people-movers will number among the innovative projects and ideas that will be displayed at NJIT’s upcoming Dana Knox Student Research Showcase.

The day is devoted to showcasing some of NJIT’s best student research work, often in conjunction with NJIT’s top professors.  It is common for NJIT students, graduates and undergraduates, to work alongside some of the university’s best people.

This year’s event set for April 6, 2011 will run from 1-3:45 p.m. in the NJIT Campus Center Gallery The event is free and open to the public. At 3:30 p.m., NJIT Provost Ian Gatley will award six prizes to the top three graduate and undergraduate efforts. Judges include members of the NJIT faculty.

To participate in this research day, the students, both undergraduates and graduates, had to first meet rigorous requirements. Their research must have been previously presented at technical conferences or meetings. All participating students were  nominated by a professor and their research reviewed by an academic committee. Only the top student researchers were selected: Their students’ area of investigation span an array of fields: biomedical and pharmaceutical engineering, design and more.

NJIT professors and members of NJIT’s Advisory Board comprise the judging panels. Directions to the campus can be found on the Visiting NJIT page of the university’s website and free parking is available in the NJIT Parking Deck.

Representation projects include:

  • Performance Measurement System for Hospital Operations--A Surgical Services Application: This report will focus on an ongoing project to develop a hospital operations performance system. 
  • Single Family High-Performance Sustainable Home: NJIT students and professors are participating with Rutgers University in the upcoming 2011 Solar Decathlon competition sponsored by the Department of Energy.  The NJIT group will show plans and more for the home it has designed.  This summer the house will be built on the NJIT campus, then rebuilt again in Washington, DC.
  • An Innovative Approach to Measure the Performance of Airport People Movers: Ever hear of automated people movers?  Those are the flat moving escalator systems ubiquitous throughout airports worldwide to enable harried travelers to save a minute. Students here have developed an innovative approach for measuring just how well the movers work. Students will develop performance measures to be applied.
  • A Comprehensive Information Management System for Storm-Water Assets: A drainage information, analysis and mapping system was developed for the New Jersey Department of Transportation to address the majority of the New Jersey existing storm-water drainage infrastructures that have or will exceed their initial service life.

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