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iPhone App Developed by NJIT Students Draws National Attention

NJIT Quotebook developers Andrew Harrison and Matthew Bischoff

Two NJIT students recently released an iPhone app that is selling well on the iTunes App Store.  

The app, called Quotebook, was recently Apple’s 15th best-selling app in the reference category.

Quotebook allows people to store, sort, and share their favorite quotations on the iPhone and iPod touch. Quotebook is available on the App Store for $1.99. The two have a website which describes the app’s features. They also produced an excellent video.

“We didn’t expect the app to sell that well,” said Andrew Harrison, an information technology major who developed Quotebook with his roommate, Matthew Bischoff. “We thought it would rank around 100,” added Harrison, “and were pleasantly surprised to see it jump to 15.”

The two describe Quotebook as “a notebook for your quotes” and say people use it to store and share their favorite quotes as well as song lyrics, jokes and snippets of conversation. Working out of their Redwood dorm room, the two spent six months working on Quotebook: Harrison wrote the code while Bischoff designed the interface. They worked on it during their free time.     

Building Quotebook allowed them to apply the theories they were learning in their classes to a real-world project.  They also wanted to master iOS, the operating system used on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. And ultimately, Bischoff said, “We wanted to build a product that people would like and use every day.”

They achieved their goal: Quotebook is selling well and continues to get rave reviews on popular sites such as Gizmodo and Minimal Mac. The pair even has a YouTube video that describes their app.

Recently Harrison and Bischoff got more good news. Apple invited them to its upcoming AcademiX conference April 29, 2011 to be held at Northeastern University. At the conference, Bischoff and Harrison will present Quotebook, joining national experts in a discussion of how mobile devices and apps are changing American education. It will be an invaluable experience for the two, since Bischoff is only a sophomore and Harrison a junior. Thanks to their app, the two needn’t look for summer jobs.  They’ll instead focus on developing more applications and expanding Lickability, their app development company. 

“All the good that’s come out of Quotebook has convinced us that we can make enough money this summer designing apps,” said Bischoff.  “We’ll meet at a local café, which will be our office, and hope to make more successful apps.”

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