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NJIT's Department of Humanities Announces Return of Literary Arts Journal

NJIT’s Department of Humanities announces the return of its literary arts journal, Newark Review, in an expanded capacity. At first a printed publication in the 1980s, Newark Review Vol. 2 was engineered as a hybrid project (print and World Wide Web) from 1997-2001 by Humanities Professor Chris Funkhouser (see http://web.njit.edu/~newrev), and now reappears as an all-encompassing Web-based forum for digital creativity and research. Areas of interest to the project, now coordinated by Humanities Professors Andrew Klobucar and Funkhouser, include: writing (all forms), video, sound, animation, multimedia, digital artwork, and software. The new website, now available at http://harp.njit.edu/~newrev/3.0, exists as an expansive resource for electronic and multimedia artists and writers seeking a venue through which to circulate their work.

Contributors to Newark Review 3.0 thus far include: Manuel Beckles, Gissele Casco, Adisa Craig, Angel Cruz, Rivka Fogel, Samer Fouad, Chris Funkhouser, David Jhave Johnston, Scott Kesselman, Burt Kimmelman, Andrew Klobucar and David Ayre, David Lin, Franklin Lowe, Anthony Misistia, New Jersey Laptop Orchestra, Jimmy O'Brien, David Oquendo, Anthony Rios, Paul Robinson, Alan Sondheim, Murat Üstübal, and Franklin Lowe. Several NJIT students contributed significantly in editorial capacities, including Sophia Sobers, Louie Pronstroller, and Anthony Zalewski.

Newark Review 3.0 takes advantage of the wealth of talent, energy and ideas originating at NJIT, inviting both students and faculty to participate and mold both the content and form of this exciting new venue. The project is, however, an open, ongoing literary arts initiative. At its launch two-thirds of the content originates from NJIT, but anyone with vibrant efforts to share may participate. Artists, writers, and programmers who would like to contribute material should make contact with Newark Review editors via newrev@njit.edu.