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NJIT's Nirwan Ansari Obtains More Patents

Nirwan Ansari, professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering has received an additional three patents for his work.  Ansari and Fahd Alharbi, alumni, received US Patent 8,098,878 issued on 1/ 3/2012 for “Allocating Bandwidth in the Resilient Packet Ring Networks by Proportional Controller.”  For his work with Jingjing Zhang, alumni, US Patent 8,095,006 was issued on 1/10/2012 for “Configuration of Passive Optical Networks Including Cascaded Array Waveguide Gratings.”  Ansari and Si Yin, alumni, received US Patent 8,121,119 issued on 2/21/2012 for “Point-To-Multipoint (P2MP) Network Resource Management.”