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NJIT Architecture Students Receive Internship at Enterprise Development Center

Image credit: David Perez

Fourth year architecture students Ksenyia Kudlai, Nick Jaroni, Liz Opper, and David Perez have been awarded internships with City Hydroponics LLC, a member of NJIT’s Enterprise Development Center (EDC), as a result of their outstanding work in a course taught by NJIT Assistant Professor Matt Burgermaster last semester.  This College of Architecture and Design (CoAD) design studio, run as an interdisciplinary collaboration with City Hydroponics, focused on the creation of prototype solutions for the “next-gen” greenhouse, featuring integrated hydroponic growing systems and lightweight, prefabricated building components.  This unique synthesis of high-performance architectural and agricultural systems was aimed at creating new synergies between food and building urban systems to help provide healthy food to underserved communities in Newark.  With the internships, these students are continuing to develop their ideas in a real-world, professional environment focused on the design, fabrication, and testing of building-integrated hydroponic growing systems.  Burgermaster explained that ”this is a great opportunity for these undergraduate students to be directly involved in industry-based research as an integral part of their core learning experience at NJIT, while also expanding the capacity of the City of Newark to re-imagine itself as a sustainable urban place for the 21st century.”