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Two NJIT Students Participate in Digital Stone Project in Italy

Jonathan Van Ostenbridge and Thomas Yeh, two students selected from COAD’s School of Architecture, are spending part of their summer break participating in the Digital Stone Project in Italy.  The Digital Stone Project (DSP) is a non-profit technology organization that serves artists, architects, designers and the public at large by providing them with the means and knowledge necessary to realize innovative three-dimensional works of art using digital technologies.  The summer workshop, offered by Italian stone-cutting company Garfagnana Innovazione, allows the students to work with the latest innovations in digital stone fabrication technologies.  Over the course of a month the students will produce a sculpture that is carved with a seven-axis robot arm and finished by hand. The one-month residency also serves as an academic incubator, during which students and faculty can discuss and theorize about their work and emerging technologies.