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NJIT Capstone Team Creates Website for Kids

An NJIT Capstone team has recently developed the website CELR.org, which stands for Creative Engineering Learning Resource.  The site was created by Priscilla Nelson, professor in the department of civil and environmental engineering, and a computer science Capstone team of undergraduates.  The site provides an "electronic bookshelf" for the purpose of finding and writing books for children with content that develops engineering concepts.  The site makes engineering-related kids’ books in print easy to find and allows kids to download children's (K-4) books that are written by NJIT civil engineering first year and senior students as part of their Fundamentals of Engineering and Engineering Capstone Team design classes.  The project stemmed from "Engineering Better Readers," founded by the Engineers' Leadership Foundation, and is associated with the ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association as an ASFE Legacy Project.