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University Mourns Gertrude "Trudy" Morse

The NJIT community was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Gertrude Morse on August 21, 2013.  The university’s sadness is truly tempered by fond memories of an exceptionally talented and compassionate woman.  Known to her many friends as Trudy, her life was rich with accomplishment as a poet, musician and social activist.

Trudy Morse was also a dedicated and generous friend of the university, an enduring connection established through her late husband Malcolm.  A 1942 graduate in electrical engineering, he went on to become a prominent scientist with the National Bureau of Standards.  But his path to a degree was not an easy one.  Unable to afford the tuition for full-time study, he had to work in a factory and take classes at night.  While organizing her husband’s papers after his death in 1986, she found personal comments about the difficult challenges he faced having to work by day and study only part-time at night as a young student.

Deeply touched, Mrs. Morse was moved to reach out to her husband’s alma mater and establish a fellowship to help NJIT doctoral candidates pay for their tuition.  This was but the first instance of a commitment that grew over the years as she generously endowed other scholarship support for students in memory of her spouse.

The university is very grateful for Mrs. Morse’s generosity of spirit, in all of its diverse aspects.  Her expansive artistic and social engagement did make the world a better place.  As part of this engagement, her support for NJIT is making it possible for talented young men and women to realize their educational aspirations and make their own contributions to a better quality for life for people everywhere.