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NJIT-SWE Makes Strong Presence at National Conference

From left to right: Amisha Desai, NJIT-SWE undergrad vice-president; Adaoha Uzoho, NJIT-SWE undergrad webmaster; Stacey M. DelVecchio, SWE president; Masroor Khan, NJIT-SWE undergrad president; and Yasmine Aly, NJIT-SWE graduate vice-president.

The NJIT Section of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) participated in the SWE Annual Conference (WE13) from Oct. 24-26 in Baltimore, MD.  The SWE executive board members and faculty advisor made a strong presence at the conference by organizing sessions, serving as session monitors and judges and participating as speakers in workshops and panels.  Each of the NJIT-SWE attendees volunteered to help the conference organization and networked and promoted NJIT among other “SWEesters” across the nation.

Masroor Khan, SWE undergraduate president, was invited to share her experiences as intern at one of the Exelon nuclear plants in Pennsylvania during the WE13 Career Fair.  Smruti Ragunath, graduate SWE president, attended the SWE Future Leader’s Collegiate Leadership Institute Summit as one of eighty nationally selected Future Leaders (SWEFL) for FY 14.  Yasmine Aly, graduate SWE vice-president, was an invited speaker on a panel that discussed how to increase “Graduate Student Involvement in SWE Sections.”  Ragunath and Aly also served as judges in the “Graduate Research Rapid Fire” session in which graduate students gave five-minute summaries of their research in relation to the National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenges (NAE-GC).  NJIT-SWE faculty advisor, Raquel Perez-Castillejos, served as speaker for two panels: "Comparing and Contrasting Research Positions in Academia, Industry, and Government” and “Strategies for the Academic job Search.”  Perez-Castillejos also co-organized the workshop entitled “Strategies for Obtaining your First Academic Position,” which mirrored the workshop organized at NJIT in April 2013.

NJIT-SWE would like to acknowledge Basil Baltzis, master teacher and interim dean of Newark College of Engineering, and URS Corporation for supporting the attendance of members to the WE13 National Conference.