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The MS-PTC Program and Adobe Systems, Inc : A Perfect Relationship

Thanks to a new relationship with Adobe Systems, Inc., NJIT's MS in Professional and Technical Communication (MS-PTC) students will be able to access free-of-charge what professors and industry insiders consider the "software standard"  for  the technical communication industry.

Thanks to a new relationship with Adobe Systems, Inc., NJIT’s MS in Professional and Technical Communication (MS-PTC) students will be able to access free-of-charge what professors and industry insiders consider the “software standard”  for  the technical communication industry.

“Our agreement with Adobe provides students with the opportunity to learn and use a state-of-the-art authoring suite,” Prof. Robert Myre said. “As a result, [students] can directly apply the design principles that they learn in the course, and see their designs come to life.”

As part of a global effort to work closely with educational institutions, Adobe, the software company that developed the widely used PDF standard for documents, is providing serial licenses for its Technical Communication Suite Version 4 (TS4) to students enrolled in MS-PTC programs.  The professional and technical communication suite includes Acrobat, FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp 10, Illustrator CS6, Captivate 6, and Presenter 8. 

“We are the first and only completely online program to offer this free software to its students,” said Dr. Nancy Coppola, founding director of MS-PTC. “Adobe has agreed to provide serial licenses to students for the duration of each course. This is a tremendous opportunity for our students.”

Myre, who is also a Manager of Information Development Services at ADP, used RoboHelp during his course PTC 650 eLearning Design for Mobile (mLearning) taught at NJIT in Summer 2013. The software is an “ideal solution” in developing Mobile Learning projects, Myre said. RoboHelp’s Multiscreen HTML5 features formatting and publishing on multiple platforms, including iPhone, Android, iPad, and Kindle from a single content source. Students also learned Captivate, a screencasting software used to create software demonstrations, simulations, screenshots, screencasts, and podcasts.

Nancy Noe, a student of Professor Myre’s mLearning class and Professor of English at Brookdale Community College, used the software suite to create a mobile app called Snack Attack! The app allows users to identify which “traditional summertime foods” available on New Jersey boardwalks may contain allergens. Noe developed the app after her daughter, who is allergic to eggs, suffered from a severe allergy attack after eating what looked like soft-serve ice cream but was actually egg-containing frozen custard.

“Both Robohelp and Captivate offered many additional features, yet they were simple enough for me to master in a shorter semester time frame (8 weeks),” Noe said. “It was a thrill to view the finished product! I quickly developed confidence while using the Adobe products, and can imagine integrating their use into the curriculum when I teach Technical Writing at my place of employment next spring.”

The new relationship will allow students to download the software directly from Adobe’s website (http://www.adobe.com). When students download TS4, they automatically get a 30-day license. MS-PTC professors then provide an additional license key that extends the license until the end of the semester.

The Master of Science in Professional and Technical Communication at NJIT is an online program for students seeking to become communication leaders in scientific and technological industries.  In addition to a Master’s Degree, the MS-PTC program includes two Graduate Certificates – Technical Communication Essentials and Social Media Essentials.

By Navid Iqbal