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President Bloom Opposes Boycott of Israeli Universities

Statement of the President of NJIT Opposing the Boycott of Israeli Universities

Boycotts of universities are antithetical to the fundamental values and principles of scholarship and academic freedom that form the basis of American higher education. I stand, therefore, with a great many of my colleagues throughout American colleges and universities in opposing the call of the American Studies Association (ASA) to boycott the academic institutions of the State of Israel.

The recent resolution of the ASA that calls for a boycott against Israeli academic institutions not only violates the ideals of academic freedom and free exchange of ideas, but also singles out one country for discriminatory treatment and hurts the cause of peace and reconciliation. 

It is the policy of NJIT that its faculty, students, and staff must remain free to enter into academic relationships with colleges and universities of other countries.  NJIT has linkages with Israeli universities and intends to maintain these relationships in order to strengthen opportunities for study, research, and joint programming for the benefit of the academic community.  Any boycott that restricts the free flow of information between universities because of national identity is inconsistent with the values upon which American higher education rests.