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NJIT's Roumiana Petrova Chairs MS&T Program Coordinating Committee

Ravi Ravindran (left), ASM International's 2013-2014 president, awards Roumiana Petrova at the leadership luncheon held during the MS&T annual conference.

Roumiana Petrova, senior university lecturer in the department of chemistry and environmental science, served as chair of the MS&T 2013 Program Coordinating Committee for the annual conference and exhibition held in Montreal, Canada.  The MS&T conference, a major event for materials scientists and engineers, had more than 3400 participants.  Petrova addressed each of those participants with a welcome letter included on the first page of the MS&T 2013 booklet.  ASM International, a leading sponsor of MS&T, celebrated its 100th year anniversary at the event.  Petrova was elected an ASM International Fellow in 2011 and was recognized as a leader of ASM International at the recent leadership luncheon.