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NJIT Professor Nominated for Digital Humanities Award

Christopher Funkhouser, PhD (Photo: Ben Friedlander)

A research project by NJIT Humanities Professor Chris Funkhouser has been nominated for a 2013 Digital Humanities Award in the category of "Best Use of DH for Fun."  Combining music, documented artistic performances, lectures, and studio experiments, Funk’s SoundBox 2012 draws from hundreds of digital recordings that he produced. Funkhouser states, “It’s a hybrid audio venture of duration, capturing many different voices and sounds over the course of a year.  This is a ‘box’ of it, a capsule of a year in mp3.”

The Digital Humanities Awards are a set of annual awards where the public is able to nominate resources for the recognition of talent and expertise in the digital humanities community.  The resources are nominated and voted for entirely by the public.  You can vote for Funk’s SoundBox 2012 through Feb. 14.