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NJIT Participates in TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition

From left to right: Chiranjivi Lamsal, Sarang Muley, El Mostafa Benchafia and Amir Hossein Rajabi Zamani.

Nuggehalli Ravindra, professor of physics at NJIT, co-organized the 2014 TMS RF Mehl Medal Symposium on Frontiers in Nanostructured Materials and Their Applications at the recent 2014 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition in San Diego. The symposium featured over 70 talks in materials science and engineering by speakers from all over the world. It addressed recent developments in synthesis and processing, atomic and nanoscale characterization, structure and property correlations and modeling of nanostructured materials and their applications.

Four NJIT graduate students gave presentations at the symposium:  Amir Hossein Rajabi Zamani (Ph.D., MTSE) discussed "Study of the Extent of Denaturation in Electrospun Collagen"; El Mostafa Benchafia (Ph.D., MTSE) gave a talk on "Encapsulating Polymeric Nitrogen in Carbon Nanotubes"; Sarang Muley (Ph.D., MTSE) presented "Atomistic Study of Thermoelectric, Electronic and Optical Properties of Suspended Graphene Nanosheets and Nanoribbons"; and Chiranjivi Lamsal (Ph.D., Physics) gave a talk on "Optical, Electronic and Electrical Properties of Vanadium Oxides - An analysis."

Lamsal and Ravindra also recently co-authored a chapter on “Vanadium Oxides for Energy and Security Applications” in Spectroscopic Techniques for Security, Forensic and Environmental Applications. The text covers a wide range of topics pertaining to the variety of spectroscopic techniques which would be of great importance in the detection of explosives, chemical and biological agents and in meeting any defense threats.