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Alert to Life's Possibilities: Judge Sohail Mohammed's Journey from Draftsman, to Electrical Engineer, to Lawyer, to Judge

Sohail Mohammed '88

Sohail Mohammed ’88, a Passaic County Superior Court judge, gave a riveting account of his professional journey from draftsman, to electrical engineer, to lawyer, to judge, to a packed auditorium of undergraduates gathered on campus this week for the latest installment of the Albert Dorman Honors College Spring 2014 Colloquium Series.

“Don’t worry about changing,” Mohammed said, as he encouraged students to “keep your doors open, your eyes and ears open” to life’s many possibilities. “You will meet that individual who will give you a hand, and if you can use that hand to lift yourself up, you never know where you will end up.”

Mohammed earned a degree in electrical engineering cum laude and then worked full-time as an electrical engineer while earning his law degree at Seton Hall University Law School. At Seton Hall, he served as the founder and President of the Seton Hall Law School Science and Technology Law Society.

“Also don’t discount the volunteer or civic duty that you have,” he said.

In her introduction, Katia Passerini, the interim dean of Honors College, pointed to Mohammed’s courageous adherence to the law even amid controversy throughout his legal career as a defense attorney and as a judge since his appointment to the bench in 2011. He is the state’s first Indian-American judge.

“At the Honors College, we are focusing on leadership and professional development,” she noted.