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COAD Professor to Speak at Upcoming Architectural Panel Discussion and Symposium

Jesse LeCavalier, assistant professor at the College of Architecture and Design, will be presenting at the “Histories of Data Landscapes” panel at Pratt Institute on Thursday evening, March 27, and the “Resource Histories” symposium at the Syracuse Fisher Center on Friday, March 28. Both events, organized by Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative, tackle the questions and methods that emerge when architectural history engages resources such as energy, capital, information and expertise. Details and registration can be found at http://we-aggregate.org/piece/resource-histories.

LeCavalier will also be giving a lecture at The Berlage, Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture and Urban Design, in Netherlands, entitled “Walmart and the Architecture of Logistics” on April 4. The lecture addresses Walmart’s architecture and urbanism in terms of its logistics operations tracking Walmart’s spatial operations—its building efforts, its real estate practices, its management protocols, and its urban investments— to show how the company’s logistical obsessions have implications at all scales. More information can be found at http://www.theberlage.nl/events/details/2014_04_04_walmart_and_the_architecture_of_logistics.