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NJIT's Norman Loney Delivers Invited Lecture

Norman Loney, Ph.D.

Norman Loney, professor and chair of the Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering, recently delivered an invited lecture to the Department of Chemical Technology at the Politechnika Krakowska. The topic of the lecture was "Application of Analytical Methods to Complex Transport Phenomena Problems." The invitation was based on Loney’s book Applied Mathematical Methods for Chemical Engineers, now in its second edition. An expanded and updated version of its well-respected predecessor, this textbook uses worked examples to illustrate several mathematical methods that are essential in successfully solving process engineering problems. The book first provides an introduction to differential equations that are common to chemical engineering, followed by examples of first-order and linear second-order ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Later chapters examine Sturm–Liouville problems, Fourier series, integrals, linear partial differential equations, and regular perturbation. A separate chapter focusses on examples of the applications of partial differential equations as they relate to the various conservation laws practiced in chemical engineering. The book concludes with discussions of dimensional analysis and the scaling of boundary value problems and presents selected numerical methods and available software packages. The first edition was adopted by nine universities and was sold in 21 countries.