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College of Computing Sciences Capstone Showcase on April 23

George Benavente (shown above), Cynthia Irungu, Omar Awad, and Christopher Pereira are currently utilizing their skills to assist Johnson & Johnson in developing a Global Process & System Training system for employees.

On April 23, the College of Computing Sciences (CCS) Capstone Showcase will take place in the Campus Center Atrium from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. The biannual Capstone program gives CCS seniors a chance to put their cumulative learning to the test by creating real solutions to real world problems. Spring 2014 marks the 14th year of the program, which has produced over 25 showcases over the academic year and summers. This year, thirty-four teams of students will band together to display the fruits of their labor.

This semester marks the beginning of a working relationship between NJIT and Panasonic. Students have also partnered with Johnson & Johnson, Saint Barnabas Medical Center and a variety of industry sponsors and non-profit organizations. The wide variety of these sponsors emphasizes the growing need for technology in all aspects of industry. This year, there are eight student entrepreneurial teams who have chosen this platform to bring life to their ideas, with the help of their CCS peers. The CISCO training program makes its reappearance, returning to provide IT students with critical, hands-on networking training.

This year’s program is particularly multidisciplinary, incorporating not only CCS students, but also architecture and graduate students on project teams, taking advantage of each student’s unique expertise. Additionally, some capstone students worked with over 150 high school students in the Real World Connections program, helping to mentor young minds in the creation of a marketable project.

Various teams worked on projects ranging from a new delivery method for global training on skills, to the creation of a prototype using a Raspberry Pi to test ideas for a future custom-built security device, to the design of a new wine cooler.

Future Capstone students, members of the NJIT community, and employers are invited to witness firsthand the talent of NJIT’s future CCS graduates.  For more information, please visit seniorcapstone.com. To pre-register and receive updates prior to the event, please visit http://fs7.formsite.com/eljabiri2/CapShowcase_Spring2014/index.html.