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NJIT's Interior Design Program Achieves Full CIDA Accreditation

The interior design program at NJIT’s School of Art + Design has been officially awarded full accreditation by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

The decision was based on the interior design program’s demonstrated achievement of accreditation standards, which are evaluated within the context and overarching purpose and intent of the program. The visiting CIDA team reported that “the interior design program at NJIT is successful in delivering a professional‐level education to its students.”

The team report pointed out numerous strengths that were evident in student outcomes, program content delivery and opportunities for student development provided by the school, particularly in global perspective for design, design process, collaboration, communication, professionalism and business practice, space and form, interior construction and building systems.

One program strength identified by CIDA is communication based on their observation that “students demonstrated a high level of competence with a variety of graphic, written and verbal communication skills…Competence in visual communication was highly evident in student work throughout the curriculum, particularly in the use of digital communication and 3-dimensional physical models. Students used a wide variety of digital media.”

The visiting team was impressed with the Collaborative Design Studio that interior design students take with their peers from School of Art + Design’s digital design and industrial design programs along with architecture students.  The report stated that “NJIT does an exceptional job of engaging students in a collaborative studio experience. (It) is a program strength. Collaborative Design Studio affords a view into the excitement and dynamism of the interdisciplinary experience.”

Among other program strengths explicitly noted in the CIDA report are: global perspective for design; the design process (noting that “the program excels in offering students opportunities to explore a wide variety of project types at all scales to develop a strong design process”); and professionalism and business practice. The report specifically emphasized the public and community service opportunities beyond the classroom provided by the program such as “a summer course in Costa Rica for ongoing construction of a youth hotel; an alternative spring break to help super storm Sandy recovery efforts; the Educate Tomorrow fundraising event; NeoCon; the Dream Room Makeover community project; the 2012 Mansion in May Showhouse design; and community makeover and redesign volunteer projects through the ASID Student Chapter. The many opportunities provided by the program, school, and college for public and community service are program strengths.”

The report concludes by stating that “NJIT interior design graduates are clearly well prepared to enter the profession with a well-rounded knowledge base, excellent digital skills and thorough understanding of the 3‐dimensional built environment. Graduates understand the value of design and its contribution to the welfare of their clients and the public. Graduates have a strong sense of purpose in designing for a wide range of contexts, be it a single object, cultural, complex, community or multidiscipline.” The CIDA Accreditation is effective as of March 2014.