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Eight Doctoral Students Present Research at Annual Elisha Yegal Bar-Ness CWCSPR Showcase

From left to right: Haley Kim, CWCSPR Director Alex Haimovich, and Nil Garcia.

NJIT’s Elisha Yegal Bar-Ness Center for Wireless Communications and Signal Processing Research showcased recently the research of eight doctoral students.  The students’ work was featured in presentations and posters displayed in the area.  The annual event aims to give doctoral students and their professors from the center a chance to exchange information from a year’s worth of work.   The Center is located in the department of electrical and computer engineering at NJIT’s Newark College of Engineering. 

Eight presentations focused on the field’s newest technology.  They were “Direct Localization of Emitters Using Widely Spaced Sensors in Multipath Environments” (Nil Garcia with advisor Professor Alex Haimovich); “Methods for Target Discovery in Molecular Networks” (Iman Habibi with advisor Professor Ali Abdi); “Information and Energy Flows in Graphical Networks with Energy Transfer and Reuse” (Ali Fouladgar with advisor Professor Osvaldo Simeone); “A Novel Power Efficient Scheme ASCO-OFDM for IM/DD Optical Systems” (Nan Wu with Professor Yeheskel Bar-Ness).

More presentations were: “Direction of arrival estimation without phase information” (Haley Kim with advisor Professor Alex Haimovich); "Code-Aided EM Algorithm for Joint Channel Tracking and Decoding for Sparse Fast-Fading Multipath Channels" (Shahrouz Khalili with advisor Dr. Osvaldo Simeone); “Wireless Train Topology Discovery Protocol (Yu Liu with advisor Professor Alex Haimovich); and “Spatial Modulation Methods for Two-Dimensional (2D) Unipolar Pixelated Optical Wireless Communications” (Eyal Katz with Professor Yeheskel Bar-Ness).  

Established in 1985, the Center focuses on communication theory. Its main areas of research are CDMA and spread spectrum systems, multi-carrier modulation, ultra-wideband communications, MIMO systems, space-time codes and turbo-codes, information theory, and adaptive signal processing.  Center members are noted experts in this field. 

For more information about the Center, contact Angela Retino at Aretino@njit.edu, or (973) 596-8474.