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NJIT Associate Professor Publishes Article on Career Choice in Shanghai Securities News

Zhipeng (Alan) Yan, associate professor of finance in NJIT's School of Management, recently published an article on career choice in the Shanghai Securities News.

Zhipeng (Alan) Yan, associate professor of finance in NJIT’s School of Management helped Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce conduct the "Employment Survey of Shanghai Residents” in the spring. Yan collaborated with faculty members and students at Shanghai Lixin in interviewing more than 1,600 individuals from 1,200 families in Shanghai. Each individual was asked more than 200 questions on topics ranging from salary, financial assets, and housing to pension, unemployment benefits, retirement age and happiness. Yan was in charge of writing the final report for Lixin, which was reviewed by the Shanghai Municipal Government on June 26. Based upon the findings of this survey, Dr. Yan published an article entitled “Career Choice: To Be a ‘Screw’ or a ‘Spring’?” in the Shanghai Securities News on June 18.